Friday, 20 June 2014

Installation and Maintenance Pivotal Success Areas for Mirtron

Mirtron the number one heating and cooling service provider in Houston and greater part of the state has definitely marked itself different from the rest using quality maintenance as the key strategy. Be it installation or maintenance Mirtron has ensured that not only the process of installation if fool proof but also the after sales services are exemplary.

With a sound know how of the installation mechanisms our team at Mirtron ensures that every step of the procedure applies the most simple of the methodology to ensure the minimum complications be it in case of wiring or any of the set up procedures. This not only benefits the clientele in understanding the whole mechanism but refraining from undue complications help reduce the utility costs significantly.

“It was the great effort of Mirtron in process simplification which has avoided undue friction in the various operating mechanism of the air conditioning system” comments Paul; an electrical engineer specialized in managing air conditioning devices.

Our team of experts cater to the demands of the job continuously with trying to ensure that every step taken adds value to the client with continuous improvement and innovation inculcated in the working methodologies.

Maintenance again is a crucial aspect for any organization. Maintenance however is the key to success. None of the companies has ever succeeded without making maintenance as its key pivotal strategy. Strictly adhering to the rule, Mirtron pays extra emphasis on maintenance with its planned objectives to be met for the schedules planned and the targets set.

At Mirtron this pro active stance of the company and the exemplary motivation from the clientele has basically assured a well motivated work force striving to offer better than the best always.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Simple Functional Repair Recommendations from Mirtron

Education of the technology you use and apply is important. It gives you control over the product you use and makes you independent enough to solve your own personal issues. Believing staunchly in the stated fact, Mirtron has decided to educate our valued clientele of the product they use to better equip themselves in solving every day minor issues.

Recognizing and giving  assurance that we are at your service 24/7, we offer the following information to give a general idea of the mechanism of operation you would always like to know and offer a general idea of how we carry out our maintenance programs and repair management. 

The thermostat of an air conditioner forms the brain of the device. Refrigerant, Evaporator coil, compressor, condenser and expansion coil form the basic elements of the device. Now the most common problem is that the air conditioning system doesn’t turn on. This is the condition when usually the most common reason is a blown circuit breaker or fuse. The other reason could be the internal switch is off or the thermostat is set at a faulty temperature. Nevertheless, following are some recommendations for setting the air conditioning system in order:

1. Sometimes it so happens that the thermostat doesn’t really call for cooling as it is not actually set at a temperature lower than the room’s. So just minor adjustments to manage the thermostat in a way that it offers room for cooling is pivotal for the functioning of the air condition system.

2. Other simple reason could be that the thermostat is basically off or is set to heating position.

3. Ensure that the blower door on the air handler is securely closed.

The above are the simplest checks that everyone can easily acknowledge and report. At Mirtron it is our duty to empower our clients in the best possible manner.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Mirtron’s Heating Service

Looking for a good heating service provider?

Is location the issue?

Do the utility bills make you think twice of the heating service you use?

Well residents of Houston arena worry no more for Mirtron is one heating service provider answering all your heating needs. Be it the mode of installation, the method or the mechanism opted, we at Mirtron specialize in all your heating needs. We are certified HVAC providers operating in Houston for about two decades now. Our expertise and experience has leaded us all the way to the top in best service quality and customer retention.

Like a surgeon to the patient, an artist to its craft our engineers and service experts carry out the installation and maintenance process of the heating device of your choice. With a variety of the best heating service providers we at Mirtron leave no gaps in achieving excellence in our services.

We understand the significance of quality heating service and how its optimum control and run can make an environment conducive enough for work. Similarly the utility bills are one constant area which Mirtron opts continuously to innovate and improve. It is stated with immense pride that the efficiency and operation of the device along with the installation is so perfect that there is no friction which could cause the use of extra energy for operating purposes.

With zero noise and expertise in installation Mirtron specializes as the best heating service provider.The feedback that we receive is a definite motivator for us and our team of experts. Timely maintenance and simple perfect mechanisms of installations has definitely made the mark for Mirtron in terms of its name and quality.

With a package of goodwill to our name Mirtron promises to maintain the excellence in service provision for each and every customer, residing anywhere in Houston.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Mirtron Addresses Common Air Conditioner Problems

Healthy and effective operations sometimes require simple adherence to the given rules. Most of the time the discrepancy is very trivial and one can easily accommodate for. However vigilance and proactive attention is the key. Sheer carelessness is actually what aggravates a small problem to result in a big one. To avoid such situations Mirtron would like to offer simple pointers that would remind you whether you are doing it right.

First and foremost, the most repeated problem that we have come across and offered solution is of managing the room or the facility at a certain temperature. Remember open windows and un-shut doors cannot retain the cooling of an air conditioner at any level. The facility where the Air Conditioner is being operated should be sealed well for optimum performance of the equipment. Hence isolating your desired conditioned room from the rest of the facility and the natural surroundings is extremely important for the efficiency of the air conditioner.

If air conditioner coils are dirty that also affects significantly the performance of the air conditioner. Providing proper maintenance service before operating the air conditioner is extremely important to maximize efficiency. Similarly checking for leaks and a check on circuit breaker is necessary if the air conditioner keeps tripping frequently.

Leaky ducts and weak air flow are common troublesome problems resulting due to faulty installation. However at Mirtron these cases are just rare as we have a panel of experts who not only represent our team but ensure the installation is perfectly done. Nevertheless maintenance is a key issue and without maintenance no equipment can function 100% continuously.

At Mirtron service quality checks are planned and carried out as per the specifications of the clients but as stated above a bit of vigilance and cooperation always does wonders to the final output.