Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Mirtron’s Efficiency in Addressing Emergencies

To understand fully an emergency let’s first clearly define what “emergency” means?

The Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines emergency as, “a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action.” Clearly answering the call of an emergency is a serious issue and a depiction of humane behavior. Hence organizations which are high stake in the sense that the people have a dependence of life and everyday situations have to be very vigilant in their performance and response.

At Mirtron we consider ourselves as high stakes organization. We believe that the service of air-conditioning, heating and other air purifications require timely management and response. If a customer or client calls in for an emergency we have a stop watch situation activated in the facility and have to reach the destination in the designated time period. This efficiency and effectiveness in our outreach has made the most difference in quality retention, maintenance and improvement.

Hence imperative is on us as the team of your service providers to reach the facility on time and need, it is also important for our valued clients to understand that if they term a situation as an “emergency” to us, we take their word for it and use the best of our resources and time to reach for help. However it has been an observation that when we reach the facility either it’s not an emergency or the client is simply unavailable which makes it a tedious process for us to wait and then get things done.

It’s just a concern we want to share as we at Mirtron have zero tolerance for compromise in quality and hence we as a team only can deliver our best if our clients participate with us in providing it. Our customers are our utmost priority and hence keeping them happy is the top most agenda!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Sustainable Property Development Approach

Associations of Mirtron with air conditioning and heating service providers like Goodman have not only built on the credibility of Mirtron but also its effectiveness and efficiency in terms of service provision to the end consumer. An approach of sustainable property development which involves an initiative towards a greener better environment is an effective example of corporate social ethics.

A collaborative system of work procedures which involves active participation from the customers is a proactive approach applied by Goodman in their sustainable property approach. Incorporated during the planning and implementation phase the final result offers a holistic and forward looking attitude of the organization.

The aim to reduce the use of energy and water remains one of the top priority goals for Goodman. To use resources in a sustainable recyclable fashion to ensure a better productivity with minimum used resources not only promises a better environment but also enhances the concept of reliability.

Procedures which ensure effective sustainability allow a lot of durability in function and design. Goodman’s equipment allow for these functional flexibilities which in the end offer cost benefits to the end consumer.

Mirtron’s association with clients like Goodman has revolutionized the modus operandi of our company. We not only comply with the standards required by our liaisons but also take a step ahead by inculcating in our procedures and learnt objectives.

The green design initiatives adopted by most of the organizations associated with Mirtron offer cost benefits which not only the customers enjoy but also the entire community at large. By reducing the amount of materials used and re used, reduces the environmental pollution and the hazards which contribute towards the entire global warming campaign. Mirtron along with its team work of clients and employees have faced every obstacle and objective with ease and finesse and continues to do so.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

A Highly Motivated Workforce at Mirtron


The motivation of the employees at Mirtron excels and one clear reason for it is the incentives to do so. It is but natural that human beings need along with the tangible, intangible benefits also which speak volumes of their productivity and the final outcome. A better satisfied employee or a staff member would eventually better satisfy a customer.

It is common workplace observation that the people of an organization do not perform up to the mark sometimes even though they are given high salary packages and other tangible form of fringe benefits. It is during this time an organization should realize; what is that particular thing that we are doing wrong? This is exactly the question we at Mirtron posed to our human resource department when we continuously started having a tradition of employees which are late, had grudges against their superiors or were simply just de-motivated to perform.

It was then with further analysis and detailed study of the work procedures and methodology adopted, that we have devised a complete fresh strategy of HR management at Mirtron. So today, if companies mark us different and want to adopt our strategies it is our foremost advice that it is basically the effort that you make in understanding the requirements of your workforce which can only generate fruitful results. It is with utmost confidence said that not a single workable strategy for a specific organization could be applied on the other.

Nevertheless by simply tapping into verbal and intangible appraisals when the employees were applauded and were offered awards in different categories of their services is what actually did the trick. Although it seems simple enough but sometimes just to bring together the missing pieces of the puzzle becomes tricky for the management especially when under pressure. This spot on discovery and then working on it definitely for Mirtron has generated results in the form of a better motivated workforce.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Bring Down your Costs with Mirtron


Bring down your heating/cooling costs with the following simple yet effective tips to be implemented:

1. Do not keep the heating/cooling on of rooms you do not use:

It is a common observation that residents are ignorant towards this issue and instead of shutting off the cooling/heating in unused rooms they remain turned on which not only proves heavier to the pocket but also consumes extra energy.

 2. Always get your facility serviced:

Secondly, servicing your facility will prove effective as sometimes undue blockage caused by dirt and other contamination elements in the environment are the main reasons for extra power to be consumed for the same operation.

 3. Have your temperature under control:

Sometimes excessive heating or cooling of the facility which is unrequired proves to be the only reason for the sky rocketing costs of electricity. A simple vigilance in the thermostat control can lead to effective management of the temperature and the burden it poses on your pocket.

 4. Insulation could be the key:

It is said that proper insulation is the key reason that the power required for heating and cooling of the facility dissipates in the environment. To retain the maximum cooling/heating it is advised that the walls and ceiling is effectively insulated to ensure less energy is required to serve the purpose. A proper insulation can prove an effective investment in the long term.

 5. Let Mirtron serve you!

So, the most important point is let the best service provider help you cater to your heating and cooling needs. With timely services provided Mirtron definitely provides an edge over other service providers in terms of service quality, repair installation and feedback. All you have to do is give us a call and our personnel will be there to sort out all your worries.