Monday, 24 February 2014

Mirtron’s Environmental Policy

The rapid change in weather conditions has led to the exposure of a lot of diseases in the atmosphere. This has caused sneezing, coughing and various other viral diseases to form a common problem in our society. The effects of global warming have caused a lot of negative effects on the health with exposure to various health issues.

Mirtron realizing the global effects offer the best conditioning and heating service in the Houston market. We take specific care of the fact that air purification forms the priority and no toxic element or gas is exposed in the environment.

We at Mirtron offer the best brands available in the international markets. These brands which include RUUD, Carrier, Trance, Lennox and Armstrong are one of the best which comply with the practices of best international standards.

The changing global trends and innovation made has led to many companies focus their quality management policies in the direction of safeguard of the environment. It is our corporate social responsibility to ensure that our products are ISO Certified. This environmental policy is strictly adhered and taken into account by Mirtron as we take responsibility for the products which we offer.

It is this responsibility that we take at Mirtron that makes us a lucrative option amongst the service providers in the Houston area. It is this reason of sheer care and empathy which we provide for the environment and the humans living in it which differentiates us from the rest.

So be it your duct work, air conditioning, dehumidification or repair needs we at Mirtron are here at your service on call and even on line. You give your requirements or note down your problems with us and we shall provide you with the best of the solutions we have to offer.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Mirtron’s Goodwill and Timely Procedures

Redundant procedures, procrastinated work ethics and undue complications in carrying out the tas designated causes not only unprecedented damage on the business entity but also predict rightfully a significant decline in prospected customers. Similarly goodwill of the company remains at stake as well.

Mirtron based in Houston offer the best service in the arena of air conditioning and heating needs.Quality products and services are not the only agenda we have but also timely provision, without any sort of red tapism and complicated procedures to carry out the plan is the ambition at Mirtron.

Delays and waiting requirements for carrying out the formalities is one of the basic sources of hindrance for many of the professionals to avoid interaction with service providers. Lack of time results in people to explore less and settle for anything or everything that is served on the plate. It is our request at Mirtron to explore your possibilities and when you speak of quality Mirtron’s name shall top amongst all. Hardly in a day shall we be working on your requirements without giving you a headache; lasting all the while till the procedure is done!

We at Mirtron promise timeliness to your requests, questions and advices you seek. You shall be given customized solutions to your needs without giving you the trouble to weigh your feasibilities and possibilities. We shall chart out your layout and plan the installation feasibilities ourselves seeking of course your full approval and consent.

Similarly be it your repair needs or maintenance ones, our personnel maintain records of each clients and the visits requirements. With proper management strategies and expertise our team shall visit the facility where the equipments are installed taking a close look on the operating mechanisms and then the requirements of it. It is this professionalism at Mirtron which determines our ever inclination in the customer base.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A Quality Centric Zone System Installed by Mirtron

Many times it is observed that rooms that receive adequate heat in the form of sunlight are warmer than the ones which receive little or none. Similarly vaulted ceilings have difficulty retaining the heat than the cooler ones. It is proved that comfortable working environments produce conducive to work and operate functions. The efficiency of performance specifically of the Human Resource depends on an amicable and temperature controlled environment. Maintenance of temperature in a specific area is important especially in large areas where the air-conditioning or heating system need to be balanced properly. Zone Control system offers exactly that.

Mirtron offers a fine zone control system, be it your office or residential needs the zone control system caters to all. We have a quality based service and installation procedures which ensure the productivity of functions to the maximum. A good zone system ensures that the one working on one corner shouldn’t feel the temperature difference in any other part of the locality and vice versa.

Operating as dampers, the zone control system involves the installation of multiple thermostats that are wired to a control panel. This operates the control of temperature at various points through the duct work installed in your facility. The system can also be customized as per the requirements for example the damper could be closed for a specific facility or room if it remains evacuated and unused. Similarly lowering and raising of the temperature remains an option which remains to the discretion of the host and could be adjusted to one’s preference and comfort.

Not only that the zoning and adjustment of the system can save significantly on the bills for it can be adjusted accordingly. Necessary areas could be heated or cooled while shutting the damper in infrequently or none of the used areas to save on the electricity bills significantly.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Dehumidification Offered at Mirtron

With the exposure to much more chemicals and toxic gases emitted by the technological processes, the amount of growing number of allergies has increased. Today, the amount of people coughing, having a runny nose, watery eyes, itchiness and other irritants has increased significantly. Sometimes the mere presence of dust is the cause or sometimes it’s other chemical deposits.

A dehumidifier ensures that all these irritants, pollutants and all sorts of mild dew problems are removed from the environment. It makes the space comfortable and easy to work in. A dehumidifier serves an essential purpose in areas where there is a high ratio of humidity causing excessive sweat. This may lead to the growth of infections and insects like mosquitoes and cockroaches. To avoid this dampness the dehumidifier works to suck the level of humidity from the environment, causing a more favorable workable environment.

Mirtron offers this process of dehumidification for your residential and light commercial needs ensuring that the space you work in is conducive to your environmental needs. Be it installation or repair of the dehumidifier; Mirtron offers you the best services in the Houston area.

Our personnel are well trained and have the requisite know how of every detail that is required to carry out the necessary functions with minimum amount of energy and time spent. The prices we quote are of minimal market rates while assuring the quality of the brand offered and the services made.

A humid environment can be extremely disturbing for the sleeping patterns with the growth of pests. Similarly the condensed air produces a collection of water which is impure and not meant for drinking purposes. The water is collected and should be disposed off as directed. At Mirtron we believe in empowering our clients with all the knowhow of the device they operate and use.