Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A Quality Centric Zone System Installed by Mirtron

Many times it is observed that rooms that receive adequate heat in the form of sunlight are warmer than the ones which receive little or none. Similarly vaulted ceilings have difficulty retaining the heat than the cooler ones. It is proved that comfortable working environments produce conducive to work and operate functions. The efficiency of performance specifically of the Human Resource depends on an amicable and temperature controlled environment. Maintenance of temperature in a specific area is important especially in large areas where the air-conditioning or heating system need to be balanced properly. Zone Control system offers exactly that.

Mirtron offers a fine zone control system, be it your office or residential needs the zone control system caters to all. We have a quality based service and installation procedures which ensure the productivity of functions to the maximum. A good zone system ensures that the one working on one corner shouldn’t feel the temperature difference in any other part of the locality and vice versa.

Operating as dampers, the zone control system involves the installation of multiple thermostats that are wired to a control panel. This operates the control of temperature at various points through the duct work installed in your facility. The system can also be customized as per the requirements for example the damper could be closed for a specific facility or room if it remains evacuated and unused. Similarly lowering and raising of the temperature remains an option which remains to the discretion of the host and could be adjusted to one’s preference and comfort.

Not only that the zoning and adjustment of the system can save significantly on the bills for it can be adjusted accordingly. Necessary areas could be heated or cooled while shutting the damper in infrequently or none of the used areas to save on the electricity bills significantly.
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