Thursday, 30 October 2014

Mirtron: Believers of Maintenance

One of the toughest machines withstanding the cost of depreciation is the air conditioners. These machines actually keep on working for longer periods of time without any repair and maintenance required unlike other everyday use machines like the car etc. So with respect to other devices and machines the cost of maintenance in terms of an air conditioner or a heating service is lesser.

However it is a fact that if the rope of tolerance is stretched beyond its elastic limit the rope shall break. So same is the case with mechanics and we should realize that till when we are using something and when do we start abusing. It has been seen by our service experts at Mirtron that people who face sudden shocks of cost and maintenance of air conditioning are the ones who had never had their facility serviced for the time they cannot even recollect.

So to say air conditioners could work incessantly forever is too extravagant a thought. Every machine has its rate of depreciation; some have a lower one while others may depreciate faster. So recognizing the needs at the right time, we should maintain a a repair maintenance chart which should be followed to ensure that no high cost or breakdown which really breaks you down is faced by your organization or facility.

We at Mirtron have time and again pressed on the need to have a maintenance plan with our clients. Fortunately with most we have a chart shared amongst us in which dates and time have been pointed out for our visits to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the air conditioners or heating. Such timely visits have earned much recognition for us in the field for being quality minded and open to all clients for any sort of information, service, installation or repair required.
Mirtron: Believers of Maintenance


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