Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Tune Up Your AC Unit

Air conditioning units are made for high efficiency in order to save you money and to help save the environment. The new technologies that allow this increased efficiency has resulted in design changes that warrant regular check-ups and tune-ups of your air-conditioning unit.

The coil design of modern air conditioning units utilize thinner tubing and thinner fins to facilitate more efficiency and there have been advancements in refrigerants. While the design changes have increased the efficiency of these units, maintenance is necessary to ensure that everything is working properly. The precision components of your air conditioner can be affected by just a very thin layer of dirt and dust so part of the tune-up process will involve cleaning these components.

Tune-ups have been shown to improve efficiency enough over the life of an air conditioning unit so much that the savings you will experience in energy costs could actually pay for the cost of the air conditioning unit! For homeowners in Houston and the surrounding area, tune-ups from Mirtron A/C Heating, LLC will ensure that your unit is running at peak efficiency.

Tune-ups aren’t just for efficiency. They can also ensure that your furnace lasts a long time. Extended equipment life is another way in which Mirtron A/C Heating, LLC can save you money over time.

Are you wondering how long you should wait before your next tune-up? The best practice is to have a tune-up completed on your air-conditioning unit once per year. This will ensure that you can avoid capacity degradation that occurs during each cooling season.

In addition to the air conditioning unit, ductwork should be inspected as well for leaks. Leaky ducts can have a significant effect on the efficiency of your air conditioner, causing it to run much more often than it needs to.

If you are interested in ensuring that your air conditioner is working as efficiently as possible, call your Houston area air conditioning maintenance professional today at Mirtron A/C Heating, LLC to schedule a tune up for your air conditioner and ductwork!
Tune Up Your AC Unit


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