Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Proper Maintenance is Key

Your HVAC system is a complex collection of mechanical and computer components and over time, these parts can suffer from wear and tear as well as buildups of dirt and grime. Most heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) manufacturers recommend periodic checkups on your system by a professional to ensure all of its components are operating properly and efficiently. In the end, these maintenance checkups will save you money and extend the life of your units.

Mirtron A/C & Heating, LLC can provide you with a preventative maintenance agreement, which can include yearly visits to inspect and maintain your heating system. Regular testing and inspections of your system can ensure that any minor issues can be addressed well before they blossom into major issues that can cut into your budget. It is important to have a skilled technician inspect your units not only for functionality, but also for safety. Electrical components, electrical connections, and airflow are all important for a cooling system and when these components are ignored; your building is at risk for fire damage.

If you have air conditioning units that work hard for long periods, you may need to have inspections and cleanings performed twice per year instead of just once per year.

Your equipment will come with manufacturers warranties, and these are important. You will want to make certain that your equipment is not only professionally installed, but that it is manufactured by a reputable company with a reliable warranty policy. However, warranties are general associated with workmanship or a product’s ability to perform as designed. In cases where a product or piece of equipment fails because of a manufacturing defect, the warranty can assist you. However, warranties do not cover normal wear and tear associated with regular use. This is where a maintenance agreement with Mirtron A/C & Heating, LLC will benefit you the most, because it can prevent otherwise unforeseen problems before they occur.

If you are in the Houston, TX area and you value your air conditioning, be sure to call the professionals at Mirtron A/C & Heating, LLC today and ask how we can help you maintain your air conditioning equipment and keep it running efficiently and reliably for many years.
Proper Maintenance is Key


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