Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Can Duct Cleaning Improve Your Life?

Consider how often you need to dust and clean your home, and consider that every time you HVAC heating and/or cooling system turns on, dust and debris are carried through the ductwork running beneath your floors and inside the walls of your home. How often have those areas been cleaned? The reality is that ductwork collects a lot of dust and debris as time passes. While a good quality air filter for your furnace can help to catch a lot of this dust and debris, it can’t stop all of it, and what isn’t caught can settle inside your ductwork causing problems over time.

Problems Caused By Filthy Ductwork

One of the most serious problems caused by dirty ducts is health problems such as asthma. For those with allergies, consider that pet dander, pollen, mold spores and many other irritants can become lodged within your ductwork temporarily, and then released over time as moving air shifts dust particles and debris. Potentially, ever time your furnace or air conditioning unit turns on you may be experiencing the release of allergens and irritants.

The minimal cost involved in cleaning your ductwork is worthwhile when you consider the health repercussions of ignoring dirty ducts, but there are some steps you can take to determine whether your ducts need cleaning or not.

Inspect Your Ducts

A professional opinion will give you the most accurate results, but a self-inspection of your ductwork is possible that will give you at least some indication about the condition of your ductwork.

One of the most basic inspections you can perform in your own home is to simply remove a floor register. In some cases, these are held in place with screws, but most will lift right out. To begin, reach into the duct and feel around for any dust and debris. If your hand comes back clean, that is a good sign. If you would like a more detailed view, you can use a small camera placed into the duct to take a photo of the condition of your ductwork.

Often there will be an accumulation of debris near the end of the duct closest to the register. In many cases, you can simply use a vacuum hose to clean that type of debris out. However, if your camera reveals a long and heavy buildup of dust and grime down the length of the duct, a more serious cleaning by professionals may be required.

Telltale signs that a professional duct cleaning is required will include a restricted airflow due to the buildup of debris, visible mold within a duct, animal remains or feces, or construction debris.

Clean ductwork will help your HVAC system work more efficiently and effectively. If you have concerns about the efficiency of A/C or heating system, call us a Mirtron A/C & Heating, LLC today for a consultation. Our professional staff can inspect your home and its ductwork to provide you with the help and advice you need to ensure a healthy HVAC system.
Can Duct Cleaning Improve Your Life?


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