Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Mirtron Offers Lennox Air Purification System

While science gives preference to life simplification, it has become utmost important to stress on the health factors as well. The kind of health conditions speak of the diseases the residents suffer from. There are many indicators that suggest that the quality of the air in your home is not conducive to your health.

First of all the infrastructure of the house will show signs such as peeling of the paint, appearance of molds and mounds, musty odors and condensation on windows and especially if you feel you have fewer breathing issues when away from the house depicts a requirement of complete air purification of the house.

The presence of pollutants such as toxic chemicals or carbon monoxide, along with harmful gases is the major reason for allergies and at the most cause for lung cancer amongst the residents.

At Mirtron we offer the air purification system by the best of the brands of which one of them is Lennox whose quality speaks volumes of the healthy life style of yours.

Lennox air purifiers removes 95% of the particles ranging in size down to 0.3 micron. The three kinds of air contaminants that cause irritants are dust, dirt and pollen allergens which are the main targets for the Lennox Air Purification System. The system helps purification of air especially as it reduces the presence of ozone, which is a product of pollution and a known irritant and reason for lung cancer.

It is the corporate social responsibility of Mirtron that makes it possible for us to get the best quality oriented brands to bring to your service and ensure that they work according to the requirements of your domestic setting while ensuring their optimum maintenance and exercise. Our personnel are available to train you anytime to ensure maximum productivity achieved from your system installed.


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