Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Mirtron’s Promise of Quality Service

Customer satisfaction is the credo of Mirtron. From sales to repair, from installation to maintenance we are driven and focused at our one main aim which is of customer satisfaction. Placed in Norhwest Houson we serve most of the greater Houston.

Focusing on the principles of marketing and customer ethics Mirtron has gone way ahead in dealing with the clients and ensuring that we guarantee satisfaction for each and every client. Our customer care department takes care of all the appointments our customers make with us. With the timeliest appointments made Mirtron caters to all the needs of our clients in the most ethical fashion.

We at Mirtron believe that the Air conditioning, heating and air purification needs require quick attention hence our staff ensures that we reach your facility as soon as possible.

Our installation is not just a set up but also a whole procedure which requires the planning, set up implementation and then reviewing of the operation of the machine. It is the precision of this process which marks us different from all other service providers. This management of tasks and utmost responsibility has won us a large chunk of the Houston market.

It is a pre conceived notion that repair and maintenance is mundane repetitive work, which usually the human resource is too dejected to carry out. However on the contrary we at Mirtron ensure that our staff which ensures the repair and maintenance work is the most motivated for the additional benefits we provide to them. The on time service wins them grades which add up to their service delivery points resulting in a definite increment for them.

Mirtron all in all makes sure that there is no stone left unturned which may cause a loop hole in the delivery of the most quality oriented service.
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