Saturday, 12 April 2014

A Highly Motivated Workforce at Mirtron

The motivation of the employees at Mirtron excels and one clear reason for it is the incentives to do so. It is but natural that human beings need along with the tangible, intangible benefits also which speak volumes of their productivity and the final outcome. A better satisfied employee or a staff member would eventually better satisfy a customer.

It is common workplace observation that the people of an organization do not perform up to the mark sometimes even though they are given high salary packages and other tangible form of fringe benefits. It is during this time an organization should realize; what is that particular thing that we are doing wrong? This is exactly the question we at Mirtron posed to our human resource department when we continuously started having a tradition of employees which are late, had grudges against their superiors or were simply just de-motivated to perform.

It was then with further analysis and detailed study of the work procedures and methodology adopted, that we have devised a complete fresh strategy of HR management at Mirtron. So today, if companies mark us different and want to adopt our strategies it is our foremost advice that it is basically the effort that you make in understanding the requirements of your workforce which can only generate fruitful results. It is with utmost confidence said that not a single workable strategy for a specific organization could be applied on the other.

Nevertheless by simply tapping into verbal and intangible appraisals when the employees were applauded and were offered awards in different categories of their services is what actually did the trick. Although it seems simple enough but sometimes just to bring together the missing pieces of the puzzle becomes tricky for the management especially when under pressure. This spot on discovery and then working on it definitely for Mirtron has generated results in the form of a better motivated workforce.


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