Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Bring Down your Costs with Mirtron

Bring down your heating/cooling costs with the following simple yet effective tips to be implemented:

1. Do not keep the heating/cooling on of rooms you do not use:

It is a common observation that residents are ignorant towards this issue and instead of shutting off the cooling/heating in unused rooms they remain turned on which not only proves heavier to the pocket but also consumes extra energy.

 2. Always get your facility serviced:

Secondly, servicing your facility will prove effective as sometimes undue blockage caused by dirt and other contamination elements in the environment are the main reasons for extra power to be consumed for the same operation.

 3. Have your temperature under control:

Sometimes excessive heating or cooling of the facility which is unrequired proves to be the only reason for the sky rocketing costs of electricity. A simple vigilance in the thermostat control can lead to effective management of the temperature and the burden it poses on your pocket.

 4. Insulation could be the key:

It is said that proper insulation is the key reason that the power required for heating and cooling of the facility dissipates in the environment. To retain the maximum cooling/heating it is advised that the walls and ceiling is effectively insulated to ensure less energy is required to serve the purpose. A proper insulation can prove an effective investment in the long term.

 5. Let Mirtron serve you!

So, the most important point is let the best service provider help you cater to your heating and cooling needs. With timely services provided Mirtron definitely provides an edge over other service providers in terms of service quality, repair installation and feedback. All you have to do is give us a call and our personnel will be there to sort out all your worries.


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