Friday, 16 May 2014

Mirtron: The Installation Experts

No matter which hemisphere of the earth you reside on, a conditioned air, a comfortable environment and fine surroundings are a need of the current global conditions.

Mirtron recognizing the needs of the time provides quality Air Conditioning and heating installation services to the Houston market. Be it residential or a light commercial surrounding Mirtron offers you the best solution for your installation needs.

We at Mirtron are champions of the procedure that is required for optimum installation of the heating or cooling service. With every step measured and effective calculations made, Mirtron ensures that maximum amount of time and energy is conserved in the installation procedure.

It is a serious concern that poor installation, undue complexities in wiring by incompetent personnel during the installation causes a loss of electricity proving heavy for the pocket. We at Mirtron are especially concerned about the issue and have special trained personnel who look into the matter for it is our serious concern to satisfy not only the clients we work for but also the environment at large and our community in which we live in.

It is our corporate social responsibility at Mirtron to be sensitive to issues of global concerns, where a lot of emphasis is made on greener modus operandi of work procedures. With implementation from theories like Kaizen, we at Mirtron have learnt and come a long way in this path of striving for continuous improvement.

So, not only repair is our zone of expertise but installation a definite strength. With simple yet effective methodologies, we at Mirtron has made our mark specifically in the market of Houston where we dominantly operate.
So let it be any of your installation needs or repair, let Mirtron serve you with quality and excellence.


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