Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Timely Maintenance Service at Mirtron:

Guess the plight of the person whose air conditioning service hasn’t been serviced properly since years. What situation the consumer must be facing with the equipment? What about the number of calls that must be made? What about the sky rocketing electricity bills due to the inefficient system of operations? The problems are limitless when the maintenance is not done timely.

A proper maintenance policy is not only important for the equipment’s life but also for the company that installs it. It gives out the credibility and outlook of the company. At Mirtron we are very conscious of the fact that our maintenance policy is optimum and timely. We follow schedules and communicate the same to our clients to avoid any inconvenience in terms of usage and maintenance.

Our maintenance policy complies with the international standards and all the liaison companies that partner with us. Every six months and depending on the requirements the teams of maintenance visit the facility and check if everything remains in order. Every detail of the equipment is closely monitored to avoid even a single small discrepancy to be left unchecked. Sometimes apparently everything looks fine but when checked closely there are major flaws which are uncovered which if remained unchecked might result in greater magnified problems in the long run.

At Mirtron the specialized team of maintenance has to be prompt and diligent in reaching the facility and goals. Our corporate policy is to keep our customers more than contented with our services and lead a comfortable life. It is our firm belief at Mirtron that a happy satisfied customer can only make a happy service provider.

So be it any of the maintenance service requirements of your facility; an air conditioner or heating service Mirtron remains a step ahead in providing optimum quality and results.


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