Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Share Your Success Story with Mirtron!

Everyone wants to become an expert. Everyone aspires for an A grade not only in their studies but their careers and lives. To cherish these moment of A graders, their success stores and expertise Mirtron has developed a creative competition for all the experts and aspiring experts.

For example our success story of Mirtron revolves around maintenance. The story goes something like this:

It was the mid of June and we got a sudden call from our client at around 4 am in the morning. They said that the air condition they had installed wasn’t working properly and also had a faint burning scent coming off it. Within 20 minutes we reached the facility and realized that one of the members had fainted due to the fumes. We immediately disconnected the equipment and set to work. Within 2 minutes we had diagnosed the problem as a case of damaged electrical wiring due to overheating and electrocution. Our team in 15 minutes carried out the operation while letting things to cool down. We cleared up the entire clog of matter in the equipment and made it friction free. Within half an hour the job was done well. It was that day one of the moments which we at Mirtron take great pride in. Our timely reaching of facility, taking the bull by the horn with a strong and confident action plan was what made the entire difference.

Excellence they say is not a destination and is a journey. Every one of us has one requisite filed in which we excel. If maintenance is our area of excellence we expect you to share your area of excellence and your success story. On this forum we will entertain each success story and you will get a chance to enlighten your area of expertise along with the story you want the world to know.

 So wait no further and let us all know... Your success story!


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