Friday, 18 July 2014

Cut down on your electricity bills!

At Mirtron we believe in savings; saving energy, costs and effort. It is the maximum output with minimum input the main focus. Hence productivity maximization is a definite area of interest for us. Time and again we have shared the many tips that could be adopted to minimize the costs associated with the heating or cooling of your facility. Today we intend to share some more simply, yet effective ones:

First and foremost the thermostat needs to be paid utmost attention. It is to be kept in mind that the thermostat functions well only if it is in prim and proper condition. Excess age, dirt and clogs could lead to malfunctions in the thermostat leading to extra use of electricity as it is unable to accurately detect the temperature of the facility causing disturbance in the heating and cooling system. The modern thermostat system is a wi-fi enabled one and is a onetime cost only. It accurately detects the temperature and doesn’t need manual adjustment every time. It detects itself and complies to the requirements of the facility accordingly.

Similarly adjustment of the temperatures when not required could also lower down costs. While a poorly maintained HVAC system could also be one of the significant reasons for the sky rocketing bills. Proper maintenance and timely tuning up of these equipments could significantly save the tendency of greater costs and bills.

Knowledge about timely management of these issues could lead to a well informed household and facility. At Mirtron we believe in empowering our clientele. If there exists any further queries about the ways the facility could be better managed and costs saved please feel free to browse through our blog for different pertinent information. It is advised that you should be well informed about your equipment before handling it.


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