Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Let’s make things Simpler & Better at Mirtron

Mirtron believes in customer satisfaction, retention and most importantly sustenance of the relationship once strongly made. Hence the department of customer care works day in and out to ensure that there are zero errors to minimize any loss in terms of a dissatisfied, angry or confused customer.

Hence we at Mirtron have clear set customer policies that we follow. Today we would like to enlighten and empower our clients with the basic customer rights we communicate not only to our customers and employees but every stakeholder at large.

First of all our customers are the kings. Our customers are never wrong. With that philosophy in mind we strive to delight our customers with not only the products but after sales maintenance and service quality.

Secondly, proactive behavior which promises absolute attention and per set schedules allotted by product engineers for checkups and efficiency reports should be done on time that is our maintenance team do not need to be called up by our clients but they voluntarily call up their clients, set an appointment and check their equipment for absolute proper functioning and operation.

Thirdly, we have an open door policy which facilitates every member of our team to be available for the requisite services 24/7. We are open to queries and questions throughout. Plus our aspect of transparency makes us fool proof as every cost; every detail is first communicated to our clients removing all aspects of possible ambiguity making the procedure of acquiring our services a simple and easily comprehensible one.

We at Mirtron have a detailed customer care strategy highlighting the simplest and apparently trivial of things to those which usually make a great impact on the overall reputation of the organization. We therefore struggle and strive day in and out to make things simple, transparent and efficient for our clients.


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