Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Lucrative Discounts did Wonders for Mirtron

A discount on services or products is not only a lucrative option for the customers but also the service providers. Yes every client is more excited and willing to avail a discount yet we at Mirtron believe that it’s more about being prepared, vigilant and motivated to serve.

We have a recent experience that we would like to share on this forum. We had last week randomly offered a 15% discount on our repair services of air conditioners. Hence as per the feasibility and analysis we were prepared for a greater influx of people trying to avail on the services to their best. The most practical analysis was made and everything well prepared. The discount was to last for 3 days and we as per our expectation were ready for the services we were to offer on repair.

The day initiated with a large number of people who had been procrastinating their AC needs and repair work lined up for various tune ups and demands. Every single member of the team was busy taking orders, providing services and answering calls.

It was meanwhile this hustle and bustle that we noticed people started meeting each other, discussing their problems and offering each other solutions. There it was the absolute vigilance of our customer care team that when they saw a major chunk of the people talking about their AC needs amongst themselves that we arranged a small cosy sitting area with a few experts seated to help them with their queries.

Tea was served on the house and the response we got was amazing. People actually sat, talked and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Not only our customers were satisfied but most of them showed interest in other services and products Mirtron offered and made good deals.

Hence last week was not only a busy one but a source of great learning experience and achievement for the team at Mirtron.


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