Sunday, 28 September 2014

Innovate, Inculcate and Improve:

An expert in servicing and repair works, Mirtron in their excellent quality provision and retention of their systems has come a long way. From the installation of the air conditioning or heating device to maintenance specifications and repair works Mirtron has always managed to maintain an upper hand in their endeavours to keep the clientele happy and satisfied.

Yes, there were times when we had our challenges at Mirtron. Yes, Mirtron has faced the struggle which only few service providers today take pains to adhere to. It is the sheer bar of quality standards which we at Mirtron sustain which makes it so challenging to achieve. This is the challenge which motivates us to strive for our designated destination which is a road towards continuous improvisation of our work procedures and team members.

How do we improve? How do we sustain? And how we at Mirtron maintain? are the key questions which we are asked most frequently. The credo, philosophy and vision of Mirtron are clear from the very top of the hierarchy to the bottom of the staff. There are collective efforts from the entire team of Mirtron to innovate on the procedures to improve, inculcate, embed and then innovate again to ensure that there is no stagnancy in our working environment and procedures.

Simply stating at whatever position today Mirtron stands is because of this forward looking approach. It has been the definite deal breaker for Mirtron. It is indeed the effective communication of these strategies to every single member of the Mirtron family which makes the compliance so easy. It is the culture of growth and development which has made us stand as experts in servicing and repair works. Indeed the hard work and sheer dedication of the team at Mirtron has played its part in carving this success path.


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