Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Mirtron’s Service Specialists:

Service specialist, yes what is the correct definition of a service specialist? The one who excels in knowledge of the requisite take? The one who has command over the job at hand? Or the one who has an experience of handling the task for more than 10 years? Well, no doubt the above qualities adds value to the job description but unfortunately in the cut throat competitive times of today aren’t really adequate.
Today apart from the above mentioned skills we need a proactive and social stance to every detail. Today it is absolutely necessary to be able to understand what the customer requires? How to go a step further to ensure the satisfaction of the clients? What are the parameters they value and the ability to listen and to communicate to the valued clients has become crucial in the times of today.

 Yes the era is of communication and who understands this more than the personnel at Mirtron. At Mirtron our service specialists are not only equipped with the requisite skills for the job at hand but also they have the ability to foresee the requirements of the clients, empower them and hence please them!

Time and again the team of Mirtron has proved its mettle with excellent services and compliance to the service policies. It is no doubt that the extra mile that our team goes to ensure the delight and empowerment of our clients is what adds significant value to the turnover of these lovely people at Mirtron.

It is with sheer delight stated that these Service Specialists have indeed equipped many of our clients so much that they indeed share with us that how they have become specialists in their required domain. It is this culture of mutual benefit that has paved the path of development for Mirtron.
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