Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Dynamic Culture of Mirtron

Ever since the inception, the very initiation of Mirtron it has always been the core policy of the management of Mirtron to address the feedback of the stakeholders at all levels. Be it then be the customers, employees, the area we work in or the people we work with, Mirtron answers the call of every single stakeholder absolutely instantaneously.

This culture of Mirtron has definitely been the defining area which has proved the most significant in taking us where we are now. It is no hidden fact that Mirtron stands as the number one quality air conditioner installation service in major part of Houston. This tradition was and is always on the rise.

So be it the repair work of your air conditioners or installation of your ACs from the scratch, Mirtron never fails to delight the customer with its up to the mark and timely services. No doubt that the team of Mirtron is the core competency of Mirtron and retaining of which we spend not only in monetary terms but mostly on motivational grounds.

We have conferences and monthly meets where we discuss our achievements and look for possible solutions. The meeting is a free of attendance for every team member of Mirtron along with the compulsory presence of the top and administrative management. There is a lot of motivational exercises and appreciation done on all levels for the little achievements we keep making on daily basis. As we at Mirtron staunchly believe that these little steps only bring about the big changes in the improvement of organizations.

Air conditioners, with heating devices and other air purification mechanics are addressed by Mirtron in not only a proactive stance but also it is the extra mile Mirtron goes for the satisfaction of customers that makes a great big difference.
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