Sunday, 30 March 2014

Amazing Services of Mirtron Deserves an Amazing Feedback!

There is an email we received at Mirtron by our customers which we would like to share today. The email went something like this:

“My air conditioner had been out of order since last two days. I had tried calling for help to the company who sold me one. The service people couldn’t manage that day and hence promised me a later time the next day. That too they expected me to call again the next day and remind them. Appalled by the passive behavior I decided to review my other options till I came across Mirtron’s name on the search engine. Looking at the decent history of Mirtron I immediately picked my cell and dialed the number of the service company.

On the very first bell without further due my call was picked up and I told the serious state of affairs I was in. The management asked for my address immediately and told me to wait for 20 minutes. I was so bewildered by the active reply that I after putting down my phone called them again to confirm if they was a prank that I missed.

To my delight Mirtron really meant what it said. Within 20 minutes there was a bell on my door saying that the service people had arrived to check up the air-conditioning facility. Giving the demographics of the house and various connection points I showed them the company I purchased from and what last happened to it while it stopped functioning.

The good mannerism and politeness of the staff of Mirtron left me awe-struck. Not only these men had the know-how of the work they did but definitely had the requisite etiquettes. My problem was fixed within an hour and the process left me so satisfied and delighted that I decided to write an email to you thanking Mirtron for the timely, fabulous service they provided.”

The client’s name has been hidden for discretion. The email certainly was worth sharing and proves to be a good pat on the shoulders of the personnel at Mirton. Way to go guys!


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