Thursday, 27 March 2014

Mitron’s Association with Goodman

Mirtron’s name today in the national market of air conditioning and heating appliances needs no introduction. Maintaining a firm market position now in the Houston zone Mirtron today stands tall on the foundation of quality and customer satisfaction.

Associated with names like Goodman, Mirtron compromises on anything but quality. Goodman is the name associated with the founder Harold Goodman, the founder of the company who was a former air-conditioning contractor. The principles laid down by Goodman are those given by Harold himself with the ambition to provide warranties which are industry leading and its operations revolves around the ethics of reliability and function.

Installation could be a headache not only for the human resource but also for the client. Undue extension in the procedure could cause irritability which could cost the company immensely. Looking into specifically that arena of service; Goodman has gone lengths to ensure that the product of theirs has the easiest and the most quick trouble free installation service.

Mirtron’s associations with brands like Goodman for whom not only the clients are the kings but the environment is as much important prove to be a definite goodwill for the company. Goodman’s procedures and operation mechanisms of its products ensure that they are not emitting any kind of toxic elements in the environment. By considering and being socially responsible Goodman has marked its name in the leading manufacturers of air-conditioning and heating appliances.

The tag line to serve and provide a refreshing environment is what keeps Mirtron motivated to the cause of selling Goodman products. The products are at refreshingly market competitive price making Goodman as a lucrative option for the consumers to get hold on. It is with pride stated that Goodman believes in our service and has built strong ties of business in these years.


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