Monday, 21 July 2014

Mirtron Prefers to Remain Globally Green

Mirtron the quality heating and cooling service providers have definitely come a long way in providing excellent customer services and advice. Turning our attention to retain maximum effect of cooling or heating without dispersing the desired temperature could lead to a lot of benefits in terms of energy conservation and cutting of costs.

Rule number one is to ensure that your facility is fool proof i.e. has no leaks. Small leakages like an open window or conductive elements like the glass on a window could heat the facility significantly causing more energy use and hence indirect wastage.

Similarly if the nights are cooler you can open your windows at a certain time of the hour with proper ventilation through a fan to ensure that the heated up windows and cupboards during the day could be refreshed a bit better with the natural environment and air.

Mirtron cares for you and your environment and hence it is our corporate social responsibility to take care of the energy conservation and clientele benefits. Simple installation procedures are double checked to ensure that there is no wiring that could cause undue heat up and clogging which definitely effects the performance of the equipment and in turn the energy utilized increases. Thus the waste is detrimental to the overall environs.

Globally green is the way things ought to be hence we at Mirtron have collaborated with the global conditioning giants to ensure that these equipment's are designed in a fashion that they release the least amount of toxic wastes to the environment and with little use of energy offer maximum output hence magnifying the productivity many times.

It is our sincere wish at Mirtron that the benefits enjoyed by our stakeholders shouldn't be reserved to their pockets but the global environment at large.


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