Monday, 11 August 2014

Maintaining Your Air Conditioner’s Thermostat

There are numerous simple ways which could be adopted to maintain the operational functioning of your air conditioning facility and many times it’s just not simply about changing the filter to rid off the repair problems. Mirtron and the experts of Mirtron always stress on the minor areas to specifically focus to ensure that the life of the equipment could be enhanced with simple procedures.

Many times the simple fact and remembrance to turn the thermostat off while using a land mower could save the equipment of being laden with grass or any other lawn clippings being stuck to the outside coil of the air conditioner. Insect infestation is yet another problem which could be solved by the use of pesticide around the outside coil to ensure no ants, or bug cause bottle necks in the smooth functioning of the air conditioner.

Mirtron is a professional air conditioning service providing company which ensures that the optimum environment and comfort is provided to our end customers. It is also advised that a long run air conditioning helps in better maintenance of the good cool climate of the facility as compared to short ones which result in humid and damp feeling.

Similarly a programmable thermostat saves a lot of energy from being wasted making the entire process of making it cost effective a successful option. Adjusting the thermostat as per the need saves significantly on the electricity bills and of course the use.

Having a comprehensive tune up of your air conditioning facility is a must requirement for the smooth functioning of the equipment. Mirtron has a proactive stance in providing a complete package of maintenance and repair to their clients. Mirtron goes an extra mile to ensure that the schedules of maintenance are followed strictly and policy of any repair that is required is met on a timely basis.


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