Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Save on your Utility bills this summer!

We have been receiving plenty of mails regarding the cost control of the utility bills in the rather warmer months of the year. Needless to say we all know that the increase in the use of the air conditioner would require a higher usage of electricity causing a surge in the billing process. However we at Mirtron have brought forward some basic reminders or a few ideas which are simple to apply but generate significant results in the overall utility costs.

Remember ceiling fans are always a lucrative investment in the short as well as long term. It helps lower down the temperature of your facility by at least 4 degrees which would require less usage of electricity by the air conditioner for further cooling.

Similarly avoid using appliances which require emission of heat in the vicinity which further heats up the area requiring extra energy for cooling for example replace gas ovens with more confined cooking procedures like microwave ovens etc.

Remember that insulation is a very simple tip which generates great results. Sometimes just going to your ceiling and checking out the details for insulation and applying them could help in decreasing the heat-up of walls and overall temperature of the facility.

Plus it will be very effective to keep your windows draped during the hot weathers to avoid conduction of heat through the window pane.

Also finally adjusting the thermostat of your Air conditioner is always a smart move. When in the office/house you can program the device or either manually adjust to lower down or increase the temperature as per the requirement.

At Mirtron we try to manage the number of queries we receive smartly by collecting the same kinds and most frequently asked ones first and answer them accordingly. We wish to entertain and benefit our customers to the best of our capacity.


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